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Investing in stagnant firms

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Comment systems

Vigilance and public service announcement

Corporate America

Richard Stallman has curated some facts about why some big American companies are disturbingly and intentionally evil (even if we ignore all the free software stuff he is saying). It’s on the “What’s bad about” links on the top of that page. I don’t know if those are true though; I haven’t verified those myself.

That being said, don’t use GPL. But my suggestion: Use GPL if you can’t use BSD for applications; then use BSD for libraries, except your library is really special.

The president’s job: too much?

I think the president’s job is too much; it is impossible for a person to properly handle that many tasks. I think the president’s jobs are:

  1. find real experts who can solve national problems (by finding more people);
  2. communicate with the citizens (but isn’t this the job of a congressperson?).

Citizens cannot fire congresspeople. There is no law for that.

Congress has greater power than President, if not the greatest power according to law; Congress can fire President, but not the other way around. President needs Congress approval to wage war. We should watch Congress more than we watch President. The spotlight should be on Congress, not President.

The nuclear option: kick them all out, but chaos could follow the resulting power vacuum.