The fastest way to get started in playing jazz

Practice playing, comping, and improvising on “C Jam Blues” (12-bar jazz blues progression) in all 12 keys (especially F, B-flat, and C).

I       | IV        | I         |           |
IV      |           | I         | VI        |
ii      | V         | I   vi    | ii   V    |

(Don’t forget the sevenths.)

Learn to play, comp, and improvise on the songs performed by these musicians:

Just put those names into YouTube.

Learn to play, comp, and improvise on all the songs in the Great American Songbook.

Learn how chords sound. You must immediately know the notes in the chord upon hearing it.

Don’t feel down if you can’t play yet; the most important thing is you get the idea, the feel, the taste.

If you have the knack for it (and the discipline), you’ll play jazz somewhat acceptably in a year. Good luck!

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