I hate poetry

Before I bruise your ego, if you write poems, you shouldn’t care about me. There may be other people who will like your poems.

I don’t want to forbid poets from writing poems. Everyone can do whatever they want to do as long as they don’t harm others. That means I can also hate whatever I want to hate. Fair enough.

I don’t hate the people. I hate their non-straightforward use of language. I hate things that make me think unnecessarily. They waste my time.

Poetry may be useful to enrich one’s vocabulary, but a thesaurus and a dictionary do that better. I want another word for ‘hate’, and before ten seconds an online thesaurus have suggested these synonyms: dislike, detest, resent, abhor, loathe, abominate. Those thesaurus writers read poems so I don’t have to.

Have you ever wondered why people who write poems today (and don’t do anything else) live miserable lives (even though a poet may have no problem with not having much money)? It’s because today’s average person doesn’t find them useful. They make others think unnecessarily; they could have straightforwardly said whatever they had to say, but they did it in a roundabout way that wastes others’ time instead. As time becomes more expensive, poetry becomes less tolerable.