Jazz activities in West Jakarta

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Puri Jazz

Puri Jazz is held every Wednesday on 20:30 – 23:00 GMT+7 at Double Doors, Ruko Sentra Niaga Puri Indah, Puri Kembangan, Jakarta Barat.

Double Doors is an Irish pub located across the Puri Indah branch of the Pondok Indah Hospital and across Puri Indah Mall. They are near the office of the mayor of West Jakarta.

The home band since February 2015 consists of:

Besides playing jazz standards, they also arrange non-jazz songs into lively jazz songs.

The jam session starts around 22:00. Usually each guest musician gets to play at most two songs. Tell Stefan if you are going to participate in the jam session. The piano is Yamaha CLP-465GP. If you play something other than voice, piano, bass, or drums, you are welcome to bring your own instrument, but keep in mind that the stage is small and you have to go upstairs to the second floor to get there.

Don’t come if you mind indoor smoking.

Puri Jazz is sponsored by Bali Hai.